Easy to assemble!

Easy assembly of four panels. The rotary system allows lighting on all surfaces using less light. It also eliminates excessive heat that can accumulate on plants and cause damage.

Different table heights on request

Each device is installed on a 3.5 ft2 support. A water basin must be installed under the support with two lights.

Configure your towers up to 8 feet high

Double your yield capacity by adding one or two levels. This configuration requires four to six lights.

The rotating tower is equipped with an IP54 pulley motor and a food processing belt.

automatized System

To optimize the growth of your plants, here are our recommendations:

Under the support of each device is a basin of water* to which nutrients (I, II, III, pH+, or pH-) are added. Please note that controlling the pH is important in order to optimize the yield.

The water from the basin enters the water chiller and returns to the basin to maintain the water temperature between 18 °C and 22 °C (64 °F and
72 °F), to prevent the formation of algae and contaminants.

The timer activates or stops the pump every 2 to 15 minutes, depending on the growth stage of the plant. Then, the collected water is sprayed on the roots. Finally, the water drains into the bottom drain of the concave base and returns to the water basin.

*It is possible to install a series of devices on the same water basin.

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**The pump, water chiller, basin, timer, cooler, piping, nutrients and lighting are not included.

Multiple towers in the Same Network

As they are designed to be installed in series, these systems are perfect for greenhouses and warehouses. Maximize your time and workforce by supporting multiple towers with the same water basin.

Specifications according to the quantity of devices

Number of devices Water tank capacity Cooler strength  Pump strength
 1  50 L  1/10 HP  ¼ HP
 2  100 L  1/10 HP  ¼ HP
 4  300 L  ¼ HP  ½ HP
 8  500 L  ½ HP ½ HP

Easy cleaning designed!

The unique 4-foot removable panel system allows for quick and efficient removal for cleaning and disinfection.

Our clip-on nozzle systems offer for quick maintenance.


Give a way to the intensive cultivation method!

Thanks to Jardin Rotatif, you can improve your yield, quality, and productivity with aeroponic culture. Depending on the model, this system will allow you to produce 32 mature plants, 154 small plants or 520 cuttings.

The serial installation of the system is surrounded by lights (as shown in the diagram). These are either high-pressure sodium vapour lamps or LED lighting. This configuration will allow you to maximize space and reduce operating costs.

For optimal growth, install the lights around the devices, as shown in this diagram. It is possible to add lower intensity lights in the centre aisle, as needed.