Aeroponics raise
the bar on agriculture.


aeroponic cultivation


A revolutionary growing concept! Grow up three times more quantity in half space.


A range also interesting for gastronomes dedicated cultures. Cultivate your aromatic plants!

Medicinal plants

A range designed for controlled cultivation with organic fertilizer. Especially suitable for medicinal productions.


Designed for intensive producers of medical and recreational Cannabis.


Developed for tomatoes cultivation with a unique Neoprene pot system!


A range developed for year-round indoor cultivation! For a culture using traditional or organic fertilizers.


Rotating tower

Rotating vertical tower to provide even lighting for all your plants.

Savings 98%* on water

With the recirculation system, the Jardin Rotatif systems allow you to save up to 98% of water.

This system favors intensive cultivation in regions of the world with arid climates, where cultivation is more difficult.

savings 60%* in lighting

The Jardin Rotatif unique rotating process towers allows for a proportionate production, the controlled speed rotation of the tower allows the plants to obtain the same amount of light during the day cycle, which results in uniform growth and a significant savings in lighting.

Substantial savings in air conditioning

Savings 60%* on fertilizer

Our recirculating watering systems allow a saving of up to 60% on fertilizer consumption.

Savings 75%* on space

Produce up to 120 ft2 (12m2) on a 16ft2 (1.5m2) area.

Our growing systems are designed for vertical crops up to 12ft (3.60m) high.

Increased efficiencies between 45%* and 75%*

Precisely control the quantity and dosage of your fertilizers by optimizing your cultivation methods.

Pesticide and insecticide free

Use organic or synthetic fertilizers for your cultivation method and produce quality products.

Ergonomic working environment:

Supporting washers in the cavities facilitate picking

Easy assembly

Designed to be installed in series


This indoor growing method allows for more effective control of disease and insect contamination.


The patented Rotating Garden cultivation doughnuts allow you to use no substrate, save time during your harvests by avoiding unnecessary handling.


Jardin Rotatif towers are waterproof, with a technology of pots and donuts developed and manufactured in Canada by our engineers.

The relative humidity quantity in the production rooms will be reduced, which allows to reduce the mechanical needs of dehumidification.


* Percentage based on optimal conditions, this value might differ depending on several factors.

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Aeroponics allows to produce in a limited space, a quantity of crop up to three times larger than traditional cultivation. One space in each new construction project is enough to meet the basic food needs of the occupants!

Strawberries, Tomatoes, Salads, Herbs …

Hybrid system

Jardin Rotatif offers you a revolutionary principle of vertical cultivation!

Build your own tower according to your chosen crops. With our system you can create your own Hybrid towers endlessly and favor the use of organic fertilizers.

In addition to choosing your fertilizers, you can grow several different species on the same tower.

Optimize your production by growing on the height, choose among our 3, 6, 8 and 12 feet models.

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